1st LA gig!

So far this new chapter has been a rollercoaster, from meeting new people, to parking tickets, and discovering a whole new city all the emotions have filled me. I knew it would take time to build myself up again in terms of work and self-confidence, I means its LA, its a little overwhelming right off the bat. This past month I can honestly say hasn't been the easiest, even with trying to keep a positive attitude some things can weigh you down. I hadn't realized how much was weighing me until this past Saturday. I got my first audition out here for a sketch comedy show, which is a new avenue for me, and the group sounded like alot of fun. I went in had fun with my scene partner and left feeling really good. Not just good like " I did a good job" but really good about..everything. I got an email later in the day about callbacks the next day and was offered a spot in cast of the upcoming season wit TMI in Hollywood! I'm very excited more news to come about show info but I'll leave off with this; when you feel you have alot of emotion building or past thoughts and experiences that you feel are holding you down in some way; however scary it may be confront them. Sometimes you have to live in the hard painful feelings to move on to make you way out of the dark path of the words. Love.

Jason PereiraComment